M-KOPA Labs is the arm of M-KOPA that undertakes Research and Development of products and services that are 12-18 months from market. We are defining and testing a range of new commercially scalable products and services for low income, off-grid households. This includes leveraging the credit relationship that we have with our customers to enable further purchases of productive assets.

M-KOPA’s ‘pay-as-you-go’ solar model has helped open up exciting new consumer markets. As off-grid energy connections increase, we are seeing millions of new consumers, with greater financial stability and – for the first time – access to power.

M-KOPA Labs is building partnerships to explore new ways for these consumers to save, earn, learn and invest. We also share knowledge on our model and off-grid consumer behaviour, to help grow our industry and improve the lives of low income, off-grid households all over the world.



Our projects cover a range of household and small business appliances and services. And we explore how machine-to-machine technology, remote sensor management, mobile payments and energy storage to enable their deployment into low income, off grid environments.

M-Kopa 4 TV  (Off) Range - Safaricom

In a box: Solar-powered TV

M-KOPA’s solar-powered TV was developed by the M-KOPA and launched into the Kenya market in March 2016. The Labs team is now exploring ways of upgrading solar TV functionality to enhance the user experience and access valuable content that supports educational and business activities.



M-KOPA Labs shares lessons that the company has learnt throughout the process of growing its business and serving customers with valued products and services. By sharing knowledge, we too contribute to the expansion of the sector as a whole, and to the diversity of products and services available to our customers.



In 2012, M-KOPA Solar pioneered an innovative approach to energy delivery in East Africa. Combining solar power, IoT security, mobile payments, and a motivated sales and support network, M-KOPA expanded financial inclusion to unbanked customers without any credit history. Now low-income Africans are realising savings, establishing creditworthiness, and improving livelihoods.